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When was your first hard bass party and where ?

Saying about hard bass we must notice that this style was coming from pumping (bumping) house. First bumping party where we were was a party in «Classic» сlub in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 2000. If we speak about a hard bass party our first time was in Ferum Club maybe in 2004 year. 

Were is hard bass most popular in your country and how many fans does it have ?

Most popular? I deem in Saint-Petersburg of cause. Moscow and Cherepovets not so successful in hard bass music.

Fans? I don’t have quantity information.

How long have you been involved in the hard bass community ?
We have been creating pumping and hard bass tracks from 2000 until now. So we’ve got quite good experience.

Could you estimate how many people represent hardbass community in your country ?
We’re afraid not. However according to the internet videos with people dancing hard bass we see that the style is popular.

Name of your favourite hard bass track?
Sonic mine – hard bass power

Who are your favourite hard bass producers?
Sonic mine, SPb Hard bass Mafia, Dj Timo Tomee

Do you remember the first hard bass event in your country?
It was in Ferum Club. In 2003-2004 year. Crowded club. Grateful audience and great atmosphere!  

Could you give us a link to the oldest hard bass song from your country on YouTube ?

No, we can’t

Do you remember the first hard bass track you have ever listened to and when it was released. who was the producer / label ?
It was – Dj Snat – Choose your power. Label «Jutonish»

Who inspired you to be involved in this style of music and community ?
In fact we just like the music at all. That’s why we were involved in the community.

What steps in your life have you taken to become famous in hardbass world ?
We create different dance music during all our life and this fact affected to the result in most extent.
Also when we released our first hit «Bochka bass kolbaser» we suddenly became much more popular!   
What are you doing for the hard bass community and what are your current projects ?
We are producers. Now we lead to projects: XS Project and Steel deluxe. Creating good tracks that’s what we really do or try to do)) By the way we also organize Pumping Storm festival – most famous hard bass festival in the world!

Who are the best team/producers in your country ? in others ?
In Russia: Sonic mine, SPb Hard bass Mafia, Dj Timo Tomee and we hope XS Project too))))
In Spain: Gari Seleckt, Dj DBC
What software do you like to use creating your projects ?
Logic Pro 9

are you views on hard bass crew so far ?
That’s interesting project. We really wish you good luck!