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Accueil ยป Sonic Mine

Sonic Mine

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When was your first hard bass party and where?
– This music has appeared not in one day. Hard Bass was a part pumping house and was born in St.-Petersburg, approximately in 2003-2004. 

Hard Bass gradually got in dj sets. Therefore I cannot precisely tell, when there was the first hard bass party, only with hard bass music. 
But it was exact in St.-Petersburg :) 

Were is hard bass most popular in your country and how many fans does it have?
– This music in Russia is popular there where she was born – in St.-Petersburg :) fans I do not know Quantity, but I think that very much. 

How long have you been involved in the hard bass community?
10 years.

Name of your favourite hard bass track?
It is a lot of good tracks. The majority of these tracks from DJ Snat. 

Who are your favourite hard bass producers?
DJ Snat, DJ Barab@ss, DJ Battery, Bampiness, Kolbaser Project and it is a lot of others.

Could you give us a link to the oldest hard bass song from your country on YouTube?
I can recollect only Sonic Mine and DJ Nemets – No New Style 2003. There are tracks of 2002, but I do not remember the name.

Do you remember the first hard bass track you have ever listened to and when it was released. who was the producer / label?
UF – Remixed (Greenfield’s Pancake Mix)
Label – Digi White, 1998.
The manufacturer – Klubbheads :) 

What steps in your life have you taken to become famous in hardbass world?
I wrote music. Hard Bass Power (Parts 1,2,3) – were my first tracks in hard bass style, after Sonic Mine – No New Style.

What are you doing for the hard bass community and what are your current projects?
Sonic Mine – I write pumping house and hard bass since 2000 till now.

Who are the best team/producers in your country? in others?
DJ Snat, DJ Barab@ss, DJ Battery, Bampiness, Kolbaser Project and it is a lot of others.
In others: DJ DBC, Piju AND Pok, Gari Seleckt.

What software do you like to use creating your projects?
I began with Fruity Loops (Version 4 or 3).
Then was Acid Pro, where I mixed loops which I have created in Fruity Loops.
In 2009 I have bought Cubase and now I write in this sequencer.