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Hard Bass School

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When was your first hardbass party and where ?

More than 10 years ago, Paul and Val was not working together and played his tracks in various clubs of Moscow and St. Petersburg

Which city was the most important to developp hardbass in your country ? and who start the community ?

Most people love Hardbass in St. Petersburg

When have you start personaly your activity in hardbass ?

We made the first song Hard Bass School around 2010

Could you estimate how many people represent hardbass community in your country ?

Hard to say, but hard bass party in club gather a lot of people

Name of your favorite hardbass track ?

Each of our track are really special for us

Who is your favorite hardbass producers ?

We like a lot of producers, not especially in hardbass music

Do you remember the first hardbass event in your country ?

We do not remember, since we not visited them, after a while we started to perform on them as an artist

Could you give us a link to the oldest hardbass video from your country on youtube ?

Yes, Enjoy this video from the city of Rostov-on-don :


Do you remember the first hardbass track you have ever listen in your life, when it was released and who was the producer / or label ?

The first tracks where we heard the bamboo bass was tracks Klubbheads, the first hard bass track we will not remember

Who was your inspiration to start your activity in hardbass ?

We were inspired by the patrons of nightclubs in St Peterburg 

What was the different step of your evolution in hardbass world ?

We did melodic pumping house bootleg, but after a while us realized that us need to grow

What are you working actually ? Could you speak about your next project ?

We are working on new songs for one of the main label in this music Hard Bass Crew

Who is actually your best collaborators in your country ? and in others ?

We speak weekly with our label manager ( aka Dr Poky ) and booking agency which provided work in serenity and regular in the respect of our musical creativity. Hard Bass Crew is represented in around 30 countries.

What is the most important software for your work ?

Cubase and many other plugins

What do you think about Hard Bass Crew project ?

Hard bass crew is good project for hardbass. On the label we need more quality producers. Most of them work actually on their own label but could be better to have a strong label all together. We also need party promoters in each country so Hard Bass Crew could be a key for this.