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Dr Poky

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When was your first hardbass party and where ? i was producer and some talented french djs contact me to bring me to work in France. I was involved on Bumping Party live compilation but they look for me lots of events around all Europe ! Trust me i recommand them from France CyC & Jeremy aka The Sound Makers.
Which city was the most important to developp hardbass in your country ? and who start the community ? i have live across spain, russia and south of France with Sound Makers, i have spend some weeks in Lithuania with my friends Pumping Dancers !
When have you start personaly your activity in hardbass ? I was poky producer with straight life around madrid then i go to work in France
Could you estimate how many people represent hardbass community in your country ? We are more & more ! We call that « HARD BASS POWER » , just for the love of hardbass music and spend time all together !
Name of your favorite hardbass track ? I’m still looking for fresh song it’s my way of life so i would like to speak about Hard Liner will sella round June on Hard Bass Crew records an absolutely massiv hard bass metal shade song ! June insane !
Who is your favorite hardbass producers ? Of course Sound Makers, Marta, Gari Seleckt, Sonic Mine, DBC but i meet worldwide  hardbass people across HARD BASS CREW network.
Do you remember the first hardbass event in your country ? Yeah it was Jutonish Tour with Sonic Mine in Itzela Multiplex it was awsum party. Then the first i have played was in France with CyC & jeremy (Sound Makers)
Could you give us a link to the oldest hardbass video from your country on youtube ? Yes of course we have some
Do you remember the first hardbass track you have ever listen in your life, when it was released and who was the producer / or label ? In Spain i think first was Head Hornys or DBC but Russia of cours was Snat , XS Prokect & Sonic Mine my first inspiration.
What was the different step of your evolution in hardbass world ? Dj then producer, some parties around France then my first residency in a french bar. And well Hard Bass Crew this crazy project moving me around the world to meet all hardbass fans !
What are you working actually ? Could you speak about your next project ? Yeah i’m working on a summer compilation for Hard Bass Crew , on sale July, anyway each week you have new songs on
Who is actually your best collaborators in your country ? and in others ? On hard bass crew we have now connected a massiv network around 18 countries
What is the most important software for your work ? oh i work video, sound , so as many people i take time to test then i choose teh easier ;p
What do you think about hard bass crew project ? IMPRESSIV