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Accueil ยป Dj Satana

Dj Satana

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When was your first hard bass party and where ?

For me it was very much for a long time 2002-2003. At that time this music in Russia named “Pumping House” name “Hard Bass” wasn’t =) but already then there were tracks in Russia which now it is possible to name “Hard Bass” My first parties were in the city of Gatchina it not far from St.-Petersburg, the club was called “Corund” in the same place I learned to be the DJ =) later in 2004 I began to go to club “Prosvet” it was in St.-Petersburg.Even later in 2006 i began to go to club “Ferum” as was in St.-Petersburg, further there were many different clubs =)

Were is hard bass most popular in your country and how many fans does it have ?

In Russia this music was popular in many cities, but it was more popular in St.-Petersburg and Moscow. I wouldn’t name it great popularity =) this music always “underground music” such it and remained now =)

How long have you been involved in the hard bass community ?

I have begun since 2003 and I continue to be engaged in it now. Certainly I am engaged not only “Hard Bass” but also other subspecies of this style such as “Scouse House”, “Bouncy Hard House”, “Pumping House” and others.

Could you estimate how many people represent hardbass community in your country ?

not a simple question =) I would tell that it is not enough. In Russia this music at very low level. I think that in other countries the same situation because it’s “underground music”

Name of your favorite hard bass track ?

Hmm probably this “Dj Satana – Masterz of Bass” =)

Who are your favorite hard bass producers ?

For me Dj Snat, Dj Barabass, Mark Bampinez (old name Sonic Mine), Iron Project (now aren’t engaged in this style), Xs Project, Dj Timo Tomee, Dj Raf, Dj Flint-Strike Project (now aren’t engaged in this style) and many others !

Do you remember the first hard bass event in your country?

Certainly I remember =) if to speak about big event that for me it there was “Kolbasa v Portu” 2006 further the first “Pumping Storm” 2007

Could you give us a link to the oldest hard bass song from your country on YouTube ?

Yes October 6, 2007 Pumping Storm 2 Total Rave
There are also other old videos, but they aren’t present on youtube =)

Do you remember the first hard bass track you have ever listened to and when it was released. who was the producer / label ?

 I listened to a lot of music in this style and now it is heavy to remember what were the first =) some tracks which I have heard the first – Dj Snat – Choose Your Power, Paradoks 2003 album Come to the party vol.2, label “Jutonish” Mark Bampinez – Intro – Fuckin’ Track (Hard Bass Style), Mark Bampinez – It Is Made For 40 Minutes (Fuckin’ Mix), Mark Bampinez – Hard Hammer, 2004 album VA – Jutonish Spanish Party (Mixed By Sonic Mine), label “Jutonish” Mark Bampinez – Hard Bass Part 2, 2005 album “Myaso-Rubka 4” label “Prosvet Records” And certainly one of the first in this style track Hi-Per – Gimme More (Hi-Pe Hard Mix) Remix Klubbheads, May 2000, label Mo’Bizz Recordings, Dj Snat used a sample of this bass in the tracks and not only it, many Russian used this sample =)

Who inspired you to be involved in this style of music and community ?

I was inspired by many Russian at that point in time musicians in this style, some of them – Dj Snat, XS Project, Sonic Mine, Iron Project, Strike Project, Dj Barabass, Dj Vitamin, Generator, N-ice Project, Pump Estate, Bass Bastards, Dj Bocha, Dj Armani and many other things.

What steps in your life have you taken to become famous in hardbass world ?

First I tried to master many programs for creation of music it was approximately in 2003. I cut off samples from different musical disks =) it turned out badly, any experiences at me wasn’t and I studied independently. In due course I was typed more and more experience and sent the demos of work first in a label “Jutonish” but they didn’t like my music then I have decided to try with a label “Progressive Factor” it there was label “XS Project” after many refusals I wanted to throw all =) but nevertheless has continued and as a result of me have accepted in a label “Progressive Factor” well and then there were releases on musical disks and game in clubs on different actions. Later I have entered the project “Concretes”

What are you doing for the hard bass community and what are your current projects ?

When I have started to create such music wasn’t “hard bass community” =) I did this music when about it knew only in Russia, I one of those who advanced this style when about it knew in other countries more very few.My project at present is a label “CORECUBE” which I have created. As I do music under the name “Dj Satana” still I am a part of the project “Concretes” and recently I have created one more project under the name “Boobs Busters” the first release projects will be on a label “CORECUBE” in the near future.

Who are the best team/producers in your country ? in others ?

One of the best teams for me it “XS Project” they have achieved much and actively advanced this style. In Russia there were many different interesting projects and commands, but now many already aren’t present, they have thrown this music because it isn’t actual for a long time already. In other countries I too like many, for example in Spain Miguel Serna and Raul Soto (Password Records) DJ DBC, U.R.T.A and Navarro (Infinity Sound Records) Piju and Pok (Re-Start Records) Patxi Deciveria, Tss Proyect and many other veterans of Spain =) In England – Alan Aztec, Dj Nemesis, Bad Behaviour, KB Project, Bounce Brigade and many other things.

What software do you like to use creating your projects ?

When I began I worked in program FL Studio as well as many =). Now I work on Mac Pro in program Logic Pro, I have synthesizer Access Virus, some processings of sound T.C. Electronic, studio monitors KRK and some other equipment.

What are you views on hard bass crew so far ?

I even don’t know =) “hard bass crew” still young movement and I don’t understand these chaotic dances in the street under music “Hard Bass School” =) “Hard Bass School” it is completely not new music as they confirm, such music in Russia did long before them, simply many don’t know it and didn’t hear. That they try is achieved confirming that they the first in this music, to me it is not clear =) I only laugh at it observing from outside =) This music for me already passed stage, but I all still support this style and created the label, truth there music has is more melodious =) “Hard Bass” needed better level In qualities of sounding, It is a lot of not qualitative “Hard Bass” tracks which people do without having any level. It is possible to develop this style, but many forces and monetary investments for this purpose are necessary.